Cinnamon Dream

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$15.60 (4 bags)

Life Crunch brings you the ultimate bite sized snack by combining crunchy pecans swirled with cinnamon spice, meet our fan-favorite Cinnamon Dream.

Escape the everyday with these naturally uplifting and better-for-you nut snacks. Irresistibly crunchy and full of feel-good flavor, they’ll re-energize your taste for life.

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8 reviews for Cinnamon Dream


    Love them. Where can they be purchased. Costco no longer has them.

  2. Nikki

    Absolutely delicious. Love these!

    • rachaelk

      Hi Nikki,

      Your comment and support is absolutely awesome! We will strive to continue making delicious snacks 🙂

  3. Jodi

    I love the cinnamon dream, being a diabetic and having a sweet tooth, now a sweet treat that is good for me too.!!! I’m Grateful.!!!

    • rachaelk

      Hi Jodi,

      We are so glad that we are able to provide you a sweet and healthy snack!
      Thank you for your feedback and support:)

  4. Diedre Ward

    Cinnamon Dream is the best!When will you have more in stock?

    • rachaelk

      Hi Diedre,

      Thank you for your post! We are working hard and expect to have Cinnamon Dream Back in stock in 2 weeks!

  5. Patrice


    • rachaelk

      Hi Patrice,

      Glad you like them 🙂

  6. Grace Randolph

    We’ve had the cinnamon and Blueberry blink, they are awesome, do you have a sample bag of the other two.?

    • rachaelk

      Hi Grace,

      Unfortunately we do not have sample bags for the other two, but I can promise you they are delicious as well.

  7. Maria Maness

    My favorites

    • rachaelk

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks for leaving a comment! We’re glad to contribute to your favorites.

  8. Felicia A. Guimont

    In love with your products!

    • rachaelk

      Hi Felicia,
      Thank you for support! We appreciate you 🙂

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